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October 2023: Songs of love and suffering!

In October we welcomed Cameron Welke and Dan Meyers to Greenfield to rehearse a new program of our first love, 17th-century Italian music.

While we titled the program "Misero amante: songs of love and suffering," in truth the pieces we chose were really all about what we enjoy most: the pleasure of making music with great friends. Adding a second plucked instrument and percussion to our core of voice and theorbo brought some of our favorite pieces to life in a new way. Is there evidence to suggest that percussion belongs in these pieces? Not per se, but we do know that drums of different kinds have existed for many years and if they were around... they could well have joined in!

As part of our project week, we recorded several videos at the home of friends in Conway, Massachusetts. Our friend Zach Stephens was also at the session and photographed us amid all the cameras and microphones. We love these images!

Here's Giulio Caccini's "Odi Euterpe." For more videos please head over to our YouTube channel!


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