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How sweet it was!

We had such a great time debuting our new program, "How Sweet the Torment," last weekend in Cambridge and Brattleboro. Thank you to so many old and new friends for coming out, and to everyone who made it possible.

Performing at Friends Meeting at Cambridge was a joy, as the wonderful acoustic managed to blend and balance voice and cornetto together. More challenging was getting a convincing "echo" effect from up in the balcony—it turns out that everything sounds so crisp and good in there, it's difficult to sound like you're coming from far away! Initially I tried turning away to sing the echo, but the ceiling just bounced back the sound even louder—so at Simon's suggestion I ended up covering my mouth with my hand! I discovered this was harder than you might imagine...

Our friend Barbara Allen Hill ( captured some great action photos for us, which show just how much fun we were having! Thank you Bobbie!

Stay tuned for photos and video from our Brattleboro visit!

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