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Educational programs

In Stile Moderno offers educational concerts, workshops, and lecture-recitals suitable for schools, universities and other institutions.


Part of our mission as an ensemble—reflected in our name, In Stile Moderno—is to make early music both accessible and relevant to modern audiences. We love playing for audiences of all ages and are happy to develop customized educational programs based on the needs and interests of your group. Please contact us for more information!

Sample programs:


Meet the Instruments of the Seventeenth Century

45–60 minutes

For elementary to high school students

In this program, suitable for elementary through high school students, we introduce our period instruments: cornetto; theorbo, lute, and/or Baroque guitar; and if desired, harpsichord and/or Baroque violin. Each instrument is showcased in a short piece that demonstrates its unique characteristics, before we put together all the instruments (with the voice) in a final piece. We leave time for questions, as well as for students with an appropriate level of experience to try out the instruments. Students will come away with an understanding of how each instrument works and when and how it was played, as well as an engaging and memorable hands-on experience.

Masterclass: Singing Early Baroque Music
60–90 minutes or longer
For university-level singers

In this workshop, we offer university-level singers an opportunity to engage with early Baroque repertoire with our guidance and expertise. Singers should come prepared with a piece from the seventeenth century (e.g. Caccini, Monteverdi, Dowland, Purcell, et al.), but no further experience with early music is expected or required. We will introduce ourselves by performing 10–15 minutes of repertoire for voice and theorbo, and then coach each singer on his/her piece from the perspective of historically informed performance. Points of discussion will vary based on the students, but may include historical context, an introduction to basso continuo, rhetoric, diction, and gesture. Students will come away with the basic tools to approach early Baroque music and the curiosity to explore it further!

Lecture-Recital: In Stile Moderno
60–90 minutes
For universities, museums, libraries and other adult audiences

Any of our available programs can be adapted into a 60- to 90-minute lecture recital which combines performance with historical and musical background. Particularly suited are our program “Music for a while,” for voice and theorbo, which gives us the chance to talk about the development of continuo song over the course of the seventeenth century; or our program “How sweet the torment,” for voice, cornetto, and plucked instruments, which offers an opportunity to introduce and demonstrate each of our period instruments.


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