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Come again:

Lute Songs of John Dowland

and his Contemporaries

Friday, November 15, 7:30 pm

Brattleboro Music Center
Saturday, November 16, 7:30 pm

Friends Meeting at Cambridge

Agnes Coakley Cox, Sophie Michaux,

Corey Dalton Hart, Adam Simon, voices; Nathaniel Cox, lute

Beloved and lesser-known lute songs by John Dowland and his contemporaries take on a new dimension in the first concert of our season, which will be performed in historical pronunciation using facsimile table book editions of the music. In Stile Moderno appears for the first time as a four-voice ensemble with lute, bringing to life the poetry of Elizabethan England with the original pronunciation of the time. Otherwise unheard rhymes and puns jump to the ear and a refreshingly direct and earthy timbre colors the language, while Dowland’s virtuosic contrapuntal writing is showcased by the lute and four-voice texture. Join us around the table for a feast of whimsical, melancholy and touching music.



Agnes Coakley Cox,



Sophie Michaux,


Corey Dalton Hart headshot.jpg

Corey Dalton Hart,


Simon photo (1) (1).png

Adam Jacob Simon,



Nathaniel Cox,


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